Sanjay C Patel is a former monk of 20 years. He served the poorest and today teaches mindfulness in many countries including the USA, UK, Canada, Europe, Australia, Africa, and India.  

Sanjay shares wisdom about yoga and life from the very rare and unique perspective of having been a monk for 20 years, serving the poorest in India, in the prime of his youth, without any pay or compensation, far away from his family and the comforts of London UK, visiting more than 60,000 homes, helping more than 200,000 individuals, meditating 5 times a day, and practicing mindfulness almost 24/7 for 20 years, learning from yoga’s finest sages. Also publishing remarkable findings connecting modern scientific and ancient spiritual discoveries in 3 mainstream peer-reviewed scientific journals, working with eminent astrophysicists, cosmologists, geologists, and oceanographers. Also unearthing breakthrough connections between world faiths 5000 years ago that unify them, all from academically sound and verifiable references to ancient literature, and capped by the publication of his 2 groundbreaking books.

Authentic Practice

At age 20, seeking enlightenment, he left behind his comfortable life in London UK, to help the poor and live mindfully at a monastery (ashram) in the wilderness of India. He helped to improve the physical and mental wellbeing of the poor and those afflicted by floods, famine, and earthquakes in India.

He teaches from the authentic experiences of what he has lived, breathed, and practiced for 20 years as an ascetic monk. He awoke at 4am to meditate every morning and meditated 5 times a day. Mindfulness was practiced during all waking hours and inspired even in sleep. Sometimes, he meditated for days on end to explore self-discovery, steadiness of mind, and self-control.

He rejected comforts of the body and dived into mindfulness, meditation, yoga, self-control, self-development, spirituality, and helping the poor. He didn’t even watch tv, listen to the radio, or have a phone. He didn’t drink tea, coffee, or sodas. He didn’t eat onion or garlic and ate simple vegetarian food. He mixed it with water in a begging bowl before eating to remove flavor.

He fasted 8 days a month without even a drop of water. Sometimes he fasted four days at a stretch. He slept on the cold floor, showered in freezing water. The yoga he practiced was the completely undiluted form of Ashtanga Yoga and Hatha Yoga practiced by monks and sages of yore.

Consequently, he experienced the blissful experience of mindfulness and Samadhi. It is an inner awakening that reveals the connectedness and oneness of all people and things.

In response to this profound experience, he has embarked upon a mission to help even more people connect with each other through the priceless rewards of mindfulness and wisdom. He has traveled extensively around the world with his message of personal growth and interfaith harmony through mindfulness.

Invite Sanjay to your Company, University, or Church to deliver a transformative talk you will never forget. 

  • Charity: helped thousands of needy people and children in rural India.
  • Counseled: mentored more than 200,000 individuals and families in India, UK, USA, Canada, and Africa.
  • Communicated: motivational and inspiring speaker. Received numerous standing and delivered an amazing talk on Work-Life Balance to 600 medical doctors in Chicago.
  • Columnist: read by millions. Writer for the Sunday Times of India. His articles and op-ed pieces were loved by millions! His articles became so popular he was short-listed to write for TIME International Magazine (South Asia edition).
  • Study: Degree in Divinity and Published Thesis on Science and Spirituality. Studied for 5 years at a seminary under the tutelage of university professors and the finest traditional scholars. Curriculum included the technical and academic aspects of Mindfulness, Meditation, Yoga, Sanskrit Language, Theology, Liturgy, Philosophy, Comparative Religion, Science and Spirituality, Psychology, Family and Relationship Dynamics, People Skills, Community Care, Charity, Disaster Relief Programs, De-Addiction Programs, and Mental Wellness Programs. 
  • Researcher: post PhD. Globally respected scientific researcher. His Thesis has been published in 3 professional and peer-reviewed scientific publications, and is considered post-PhD. Learn more
  • Author: written 2 remarkable books, The Yoga Miracle and God Is Real.
  • Teacher: Registered Yoga Teacher and Yoga School with Yoga Alliance, USA.


Sanjay learned meditation and mindfulness from yoga’s finest: HH. Pramukh Swamiji (BAPS), the Dalai Lama, and Chidananda Swamiji (Divine Life Mission).

Groundbreaking Research

  1. Publication of Sanjay’s extraordinary findings in three mainstream, international, peer-reviewed science journals – the gold standard of academic research. It is the only work of its kind to get published in such high ranking journals.
  2. Discoveries presented before scientists at the 22nd International Congress of History of Science, July 2005, where it was warmly received
  3. Pioneer of definitive connections between modern science and ancient spirituality
  4. Pioneer of groundbreaking Comparative Hebrew, Christian, Hindu, and Yoga Studies. There are many definitive connections.
  5. 30 years of meticulous research, consultations with leading scientists, and 10 years of writing.