Bespoke Workshops and Keynotes

All topics can be customized for workshops and keynotes

Nurture Mental and Physical Health

Depression, anxiety, and stress can be killers. Mental wellness can evade even the physically fit. Physical wellness can evade even the mentally sound.

Nurture Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity

Diversity, inclusion, and equity improve mental wellness, build a positive work environment, and foster a unified world.

Nurture a Positive and Rewarding Workplace

Employee morale, retention, and productivity can be enhanced. Positivity and synergy boost all outputs for your company or workplace.

Nurture Teamwork and Leadership Without A Title

Leader, team member, and manager roles become second-nature when they’re authentic. Employees respond enthusiastically to true leadership.

Nurture Trust and Open Dialogue

All great leaders, teams, and communities need respectful, open communication. Learn how to clear roadblocks and receive productive feedback and ideas.

Nurture Tranquility and Reduce PTSD

War, violence, injury, abuse, loss, fear, regret, are causes of PTSD. Millions suffer from it. It can be reduced and healed.

Other Important Life Skills

  1. Leading Without A Title
  2. How To Motivate Your Mind
  3. The Rewards Of Controlling Your Emotions
  4. How to Build Self Confidence
  5. How to Become Yourself
  6. How To Use Your Spiritual Potential for Holistic Solutions and Success
  7. Staying Straight In A Crooked World
  8. Principle-Centeredness Compromise
  9. Fruits of Fearlessness in Times of Uncertainty
  10. Follow Your Own Path
  11. How To Forget Your Past and See To The Future
  12. When Life Hurts, It Teaches
  13. How To Be A Student Of Life
  14. You Can Change Your Fate!
  15. Stop Worrying!
  16. How To Be a Better Communicator At Home and At Work
  17. Parent-Teenager Relationship: Problems and Solutions
  18. How to Avoid Arguments Inside the Home
  19. Why Bad Things Happen To Good People
  20. Tears And Laughter: What’s Wrong With A Quiet Weep?
  21. How To Solve Problems With Creative Solutions