The Unifying message of

ancient sages


The messages of the world’s faiths used to include something missing today: unifying inclusiveness of all humanity, our connection with a divine consciousness within us, and our connections with each other.

“When you begin Studying Faiths from the correct starting point, facts show most  Traditions end with the same conclusions.” 

~ Sanjay C Patel


Hear the original message of ancient sages and see how they are similar – if not identical – in many spiritual traditions! Differences have appeared much later.

1. “Spiritual, not religious” is not a modern phenomenon.
2. It was the ancient and original way of life.
3. As faiths became more complex, they became more religious and exclusive.
4. In ancient times, there was no such competition and people visited and practiced each others traditions fluidly.
5. In that egoless pursuit of the divine, ancient sages were filled with God and connected with all life and the entire cosmos.
6. It lead to many authentic scientific revelations, as Sanjay’s amazing discoveries clearly reveal.


Sanjay is a former monk of 20 years who has studied interfaith connections and new scientific findings  in depth for 40 years.

✓ No “interpretations.” Only direct quotations from ancient sages and modern scientists. Then you decide.
✓ No sage or faith is shown as superior
✓ All sages and their traditions are noble and enlightened
✓ Ancient sages weren’t competing with each other
✓ Ancient sages were egoless and loved all equally
✓ God loves the entire universe equally
✓ God appears all across the universe to other populations on other planets. God enlightens and helps all
✓ If the sages of all faiths met today they would hug each other


“A Holistic life is a whole life” 

~ Sanjay C Patel


Former Monk of 20 Years | Former Columnist for The Times of India | Peer-Reviewed Researcher | Author | International Speaker | Yoga, Meditation, and Mindfulness Expert | Workplace Wellness | Stress Management | Diversity & Inclusion | Interfaith Harmony | Science & Spirituality Scholar and Researcher

Study Interfaith Connections With Authenticity

FOR 40 YEARS, Sanjay:

  • Studied ancient faiths and practiced deep meditation
  • Researched at universities and institutes, and collaborated with scientists and other scholars
  • Visited numerous venues – especially colleges and universities – to deliver talks and answer questions
  • Personally helped more than 200,000 individuals grow a holistic approach to life including Yoga, Meditation, and Mindfulness