The Ancient Message of

Spiritual, Not Religious

Above are just a few of the hundreds of books – not including thousands of journals and digitized, scanned ancient documents – I have studied over the course of 40 years leading to the discoveries I outline on this page ~ Sanjay


“Spiritual, not religious” is a growing trend around the world. It is how many people describe themselves, though they have not necessarily disowned their respective religions. It is not a new trend. It was the original trend thousands of years ago. The first sages were empty of ego and therefore filled with God and the wisdom of the universe. “The kingdom of God was within” these humble sages. They loved all humanity.

The apparent narrowness of some traditions today has evolved incrementally, almost imperceptibly across thousands of years. In some instances, the matter has become so extreme that people have finally awoken. It is quite preposterous to suggest that enlightened and compassionate sages preached a message of division and hate.

It is bizarre to state that these intelligent people believed that an intelligent God is narrow-minded and treats his children – his own creation – unfairly by sending some of them who do not know of him – for no fault of their own follow a different tradition – to eternal damnation, or for that matter, even a moment of damnation. Those beliefs are out of the window for most folk.

For too long, some leaders have unwittingly divided people by misconstruing the original universal messages of the ancient sages. These beautiful, interfaith-friendly, and science-friendly messages are found in ancient sacred texts that do not get much attention, if any at all. Sanjay has rediscovered them across 40 years of research and presents them for the world to witness and cherish.



Sanjay’s remarkable discoveries also do much to resolve two longstanding pain points – across 200 years of science and religion – in a single stroke: 1. the apparent diversity and contradictions of religious beliefs and 2. their apparent contradictions with scientific discoveries.

Sanjay’s new discoveries heal these divisions and reveal remarkable similarities.

For 200 years, the early descriptions of the universe given in the Bible, for instance, have been hugely misunderstood by theists, scientists, and skeptics. The common understanding of creation in the Bible has therefore been “debunked” by science. But there is now an objective way to demonstrate that the Biblical description of creation is completely misunderstood and is brilliantly scientific!

Just consider these new (ancient) findings:

The very first chapter of the Bible is about creation. Why? Because it’s the oldest and most important topic to its sages. The first chapter in Hinduism’s ancient ‘Puranas’ are also about creation. A coincidence?

The age of Genesis in the Bible is between 800 BCE-1500 BCE. The age of Hinduism’s oldest sacred text called the Rig Veda is between 1500 BCE-2500 BCE.

The Rig Veda also has a chapter on creation. The first paragraph of this ancient chapter is the same as the first paragraph of Genesis! The same imagery! A coincidence?

Genesis says God fluttered over a deep, dark abys. The description of creation in the Puranas says God floated on a deep, dark abys. The same imagery! Coincidence?

The oldest sacred texts of Judaism and early Christianity called the Law or Torah are commentaries on Genesis. The Torah states God didn’t just create heaven and earth. God created 7 heavens and 7 earths in a vertical configuration. The Puranas also say God created 7 heavens and 7 earths in a vertical configuration! The same imagery! Coincidence?

60 percent of those heavens and earths also correspond in their contents as described in the Torah and Hindu sacred texts. The same imagery! Coincidence?

The Torah also states – remarkably scientifically – that God created the universe from the expansion of a point, just like the “Big Bang” described by scientists. So do ancient Hindu texts describe the Big Bang expansion! The same imagery! Coincidence?

The Torah states God is not exclusive to planet earth but also sports with other populations in “18,000” other worlds. Hindu texts also state this. The same imagery! Coincidence?

The second part of Genesis describes a global flood. Sacred texts of Hinduism also describe the very same flood with many of the same details! The same imagery! Coincidence?

The Quran also describes a flood and 7 heavens and earths. The same imagery! Coincidence?

There can be little doubt that Hinduism, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, and Buddhism share many connections. Their ancient sages shared similar worldviews and revelations.

How did it happen? Perhaps these spiritual traditions derived from each other or from an earlier mother faith? Or perhaps their sages had similar spiritual experiences? According to the sages themselves, when a person is completely pure in heart and free from ego, they are filled with God and God’s wisdom, whichever faith they come from. If the sages of these faiths met each other they would have hugged each other.

The undeniable and remarkable connections between faiths and science have for too long remain undiscovered and undiscussed.

They are just the tip of the iceberg. You can read much more about them with illustrations and original references in my Book God Is Real – The Stunning New Convergence of Science and Spirituality.

God Is Real: The Stunning New Convergence of Science and Spirituality