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Sanjay has studied world faiths, interfaith connections, along with science and religion connections passionately and dispassionately for 40 years

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His discoveries have been published in three mainstream scientific publications and vetted by scientists of published stature

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God Is Real, Proof of God, Yoga Miracle, Sanjay C Patel, Hindu Monk

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Sanjay specializes in objective, published, verifiable mainstream facts that demonstrate, despite superficial differences, the profound connections and similarities between so-called ‘eastern’ and ‘western’ faiths and the so-called divide between ‘science’ and ‘religion.’

Over 40 years of study and practice

Is God Real? Yes, say sages from every ancient faith. One God, one absolute source of everything, one cosmic consciousness that is the source of all consciousness. Sanjay shares the sources and references with you in his exciting book God Is Real. He is a former monk of 20 years, a scholar, and peer-reviewed research published in 3 scientific journals. As a monk and thereafter, Sanjay has practiced the rigorous journey of yoga, meditation, compassion, charity, and neutrality required to discover and disseminate the connections between Abrahamic and Asian faiths, as well as modern scientific discoveries and ancient sages.

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