Creating transformative leaders


Everything begins with the way you breathe and the way you think. Be mindful of both.

~ Sanjay C Patel 


Meet the superior YOU. 

Sanjay will help you tweak the simplest of things – your breathing and thinking – to experience inner transformation, company growth, and the wellbeing of all the people around you.

Invite Sanjay to Ignite You

Sanjay C Patel is a former monk of 20 years. He meditated, served the poorest, and mentored the richest. He traveled the world, was a columnist for The Sunday Times of India, and spoke at universities, institutes, and industries. He is an internationally published peer-reviewed researcher and has written two books. He has visited more than 60,000 homes and helped more than 200,000 individuals grow internally and externally through mindfulness.

Former Monk of 20 years, Mindfulness Sharer, Author


Can create and nourish an organization, community, team, and other leaders that

1. Enhearten and empower all your team and members internally to perform externally
2. Work together as a family and community for a values-based company or project
3. Connect with each other deeply with a sense of goodwill and empathy
4. Experience belonging, mental wellness, and physical wellbeing
5. Build a higher bottom line and lower employee turnover

How? By awakening a Mindful Mindset.


Energizes individuals and groups appealing to their deepest calling to

1. Give their all to a project with a sense of ownership
2. Grow their emotional quotient with the aim of personal, community, and organizational growth
3. Galvanize together putting aside differences for the success of a project
4. Understand the hearts and minds of others empathetically
5. Understand their own hearts and minds to ignite themselves internally and overcome lethargy, disinterest, and procrastination

How? Through the Mindfulness of a Monk-Mindset.

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