Mindfulness for Leaders, Teams, and Individuals​

60,000 COACHED

What Sets Sanjay Apart?

  • Genuine depth and expertise as a mindful monk for 20 years

  • Guided by India’s finest mindfulness monks

  • Coached over 60,000 people

  • Evidence-based and self-practiced techniques

  • Eloquent, inspiring, and empowering presentations

  • Answers live questions with clarity and clear solutions

  • One of the world’s most experienced mindfulness and meditation speakers


For Professional and Personal Development

  • Stress, burnout, and mental wellness

  • Leadership and trust building

  • Leadership and humility at all levels

  • Motivation and team building

  • Motivation and work-life balance

  • Emotional intelligence and empathy

  • Diversity, inclusion, and unity


The Yoga Miracle Book

How Yoga and Meditation Bring You Health, Happiness, and Spiritual Wellness. ~ By Sanjay C Patel

Unlock the seemingly miraculous benefits of yoga, meditation, and mindfulness. Revitalize your health and mind with “The Yoga Miracle.” As a former monk, Ashtanga and Hatha yoga practitioner, I explain how yoga for glamor and yoga for health are not the same. Step by step, I guide you towards a fuller and more profound understanding of yoga, meditation, and mindfulness as well as the simple, scientifically proven practices that actually restore and boost your health.

“I owe the entirety of my success to the unwavering support of my parents and my esteemed mentors at the monastery. Equally, the 60,000 individuals I’ve had the privilege to guide have been my teachers as well, imparting lessons of bravery, perseverance, and strength that have been a source of endless learning and inspiration for me.” ~ Sanjay

About Sanjay 

The mindfulness depth of a monk is perhaps the most inspiring, rigorous, and rare demonstration you can find on the planet.

Sanjay’s approach is not theoretical; it’s carved from the very essence of lived experience, where he embraced simplicity and rigorous practices, rejecting modern comforts for a profound understanding of the human spirit.

His dedication has seen him serve the underprivileged in India and Africa, and his voice has resonated in homes, universities, and corporate halls worldwide, inspiring change and fostering mental and emotional well-being.

Sanjay’s life’s work, encapsulated in his books and teachings, offers a holistic resolution to personal and professional challenges, making him an unparalleled guide in the journey towards self-discovery and harmony at work, in the home, and within the Self.

Beyond his role as a teacher, he is a respected figure in the scientific and spiritual communities. His groundbreaking research, which suggests ancient Indian scholars may have discovered deep-sea volcanoes millennia before modern science, has been published in mainstream, peer-reviewed journals, marking him as a pioneer in bridging the gap between ancient wisdom and contemporary science.

His scholarly pursuits are matched by his real-world impact, having provided charity to thousands in rural India and shared his insights with diverse audiences, including memorable addresses to hundreds of medical doctors at numerous medical conferences.