Nurture Mental Health, Diversity, and Leadership Through



Invite one of America’s most experienced yoga and meditation teachers to help you enjoy mental health & wellness, diversity & inclusion, teamwork & leadership at all levels.

“Diversity, inclusion, and equity improve mental wellness, build a positive work environment, and foster a unified world. All these have been nourished by yoga, meditation, and mindfulness for 5000 years.” ~ Sanjay

“Illness begins with the way you under-breathe and over-think. Both need to be balanced. Yoga, meditation, and mindfulness are powerful tools.” ~ Sanjay

“Due to Covid, many people have suffered loss of loved ones, friends, education, career trajectory, business ventures, self-confidence, hope, and positivity. They experience grief, loneliness, uncertainty, anxiety, depression, low-self esteem, and turmoil.” ~ Sanjay


Benefits for Business and Community:

⇒ Foster Leadership and Teamwork at all levels to reach peak perform output
⇒ Foster Mental Health & Wellness, Diversity & Inclusion, Trust and Transparency
⇒ Enjoy a friendlier, more diverse, and inclusive workplace
⇒ Produce a higher bottom line, higher employee satisfaction, and lower employee turnover ⇒ Work together as a family for a values-based company
⇒ Give their honest all to a project with a sense of ownership
⇒ Galvanize together putting aside differences for the success of a project
⇒ Grow their emotional quotient to understand others empathetically
⇒ Overcome lethargy, disinterest, and procrastination


Methodology of Sessions:

♥ Relevant to urgent needs promoted by state and local governments
♥ Scientific and Holistic approach, inside-out transformation
♥ Fun, Educative Motivating Lectures
♥ Powerful Visual Presentations
♥ Self-Evaluation, Introspective, Meditation Sessions
♥ Deep Question-Answer Sessions Sessions to Clear Fog and Doubts!
♥ Transformative Meditation Sessions
♥ Tweak Your Breathing Sessions
♥ Resolve-Strengthening and Introspective Workshops
♥ Bite-Size Nuggets To Take Home
♥ Bespoke and Customised to Company Needs
♥ 1 Hour, Half-Day, Full Day, and Three Day Workshops

Post-Covid, there is a mental health crisis globally. If you don’t support your employee’s mental health you may suffer poor employee and business outcomes.

Enjoy Deep Transformation!

FOR 20 YEARS, Sanjay:

  • Served the poorest in India, Africa, and Europe
  • Traveled to many countries and spoke at universities, institutes, and companies 
  • Trained thousands of leaders and teachers in the art and principles of leadership, people management, and self-growth.
  • Visited more than 18,000 families at their homes internationally 
  • Personally helped more than 90,000 individuals grow through Yoga, Meditation, and Mindfulness 
  • Former Monk of 20 Years | Former Columnist for The Times of India | Peer-Reviewed Researcher | Author | International Speaker | Interfaith Harmony | Diversity and Inclusion
Groundbreaking books by Sanjay on yoga, science, and Interfaith harmony