Mental Health, Motivation, and Mindfulness Seminars​

What Sets Sanjay Apart?

  • Over 20 years of genuine monk experience

  • Guidance from India’s finest mindfulness monks

  • Coached over 60,000 people

  • Evidence-based and self-practiced techniques

  • Proven expertise in mindfulness, meditation, and motivation

  • Takes live questions and provides clear solutions

  • One of the world’s most experienced speakers in this field


For Professional and Personal Development

  • Mindfulness and mental health

  • Leadership and trust building

  • Leadership and humility at all levels

  • Motivation and team building

  • Emotional intelligence and empathy

  • Diversity, inclusion, and unity

  • Success Without Stress!


The Yoga Miracle Book


How Yoga and Meditation Bring You Health, Happiness, and Spiritual Wellness. ~ By Sanjay C Patel

 Unlock the seemingly miraculous benefits of yoga and revitalize your health with “The Yoga Miracle.” As a former monk, Ashtanga and Hatha yoga expert, Patel explains how yoga for glamor and yoga for health are not the same, and guides you towards simple, scientifically proven practices that truly restore and boost your health.


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