Enjoy Transformative Leadership Through



Through mindfulness, Sanjay will help you tweak the simplest of things – your breathing and thinking – to enjoy transformative leadership, company growth, and the wellbeing of the teams around you. 

“Everything begins with the way you breathe and think. Be mindful of both.” 

~ Sanjay C Patel


Get better results in every aspect of your business or community!

1. Empower your leaders and teams to reach peak perform output
2. Experience mental wellness and physical wellbeing
3. Enjoy a friendlier, more welcoming workplace and staff
4. Produce a higher bottom line and lower employee turnover
5. Work together as a family for a values-based company
6. Connect with each other with a sense of goodwill and empathy
7. Give their honest all to a project with a sense of ownership
8. Galvanize together putting aside differences for the success of a project
9. Grow their emotional quotient to understand others empathetically
10. Overcome lethargy, disinterest, and procrastination


Sanjay is a former monk of 20 years and a powerhouse of knowledge and experience! 

Methodology of Sessions:

✓ Mindfulness Meditation Explanation
✓ Candid and Enlightening Question-Answer Sessions to Clear Fog and Doubts!
✓ Transformative Meditation Sessions
✓ Tweak Your Breathing Sessions
✓ Inspiring & Motivating Lectures
✓ Resolve-Strengthening and Introspective Workshops
✓ Bite-Size Nuggets To Take Home
✓ Bespoke and Customised to Company Needs
✓ 1 Hour, Half-Day, Full Day, and Three Day Workshops


Former Monk of 20 Years | Former Columnist for The Times of India | Peer-Reviewed Researcher | Author | International Speaker | Yoga, Meditation, and Mindfulness Expert | Workplace Wellness | Stress Management | Diversity & Inclusion | Interfaith Harmony | Science & Spirituality Scholar and Researcher

Enjoy Mindfulness With Authenticity and Depth

FOR 20 YEARS, Sanjay:

  • Served the poorest and mentored the rest
  • Traveled to many countries and spoke at universities, institutes, and companies 
  • Visited more than 60,000 families at their homes internationally 
  • Personally helped more than 200,000 individuals grow through Yoga, Meditation, and Mindfulness 

“Mindfulness makes life enjoyable.” 

~ Sanjay C Patel

Two ground-breaking books that transform the science vs spirituality debate.