Former monk of 20 years

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With a diverse range of experience in mentoring, counseling, communication, writing, research, and study, Sanjay brings a unique blend of skills to work. His real-life experience includes mentoring tens of thousands of individuals and families across several continents, delivering inspiring talks to large audiences, writing for popular publications, and conducting academic research in the fields of science and spirituality. Whether you’re looking for a professional development trainer, mental wellness enhancer, or motivational speaker, Sanjay has the skills and experience to help you achieve your goals.



Sanjay C Patel is not your average self-development teacher. With over 20 years of experience as a former monk, he has lived and breathed the practices of mindfulness, meditation, and yoga, which he now teaches from his authentic experiences.


Sanjay’s impact on people’s lives is nothing short of remarkable. He has personally helped and motivated over 60,000 individuals, visiting towns and cities across the globe, and even going to homes, universities, and industries to offer his inspiring messages.


He has helped people overcome challenges related to mental health, stress, leadership development, team building, emotional intelligence, relationships, employee productivity, relationships, motivation, self-esteem, depression, anxiety, and even issues such as substance abuse, addiction, and suicidal thoughts.


Sanjay’s dedication and commitment to his mission are evident. He has served the poorest in India and Africa and traveled to many countries to teach yoga, meditation, and mindfulness.


What truly sets him apart is his authentic practice and guidance deeply ingrained into his life as a monk. He spent years living in ashrams, waking up at 4 am to meditate, and practicing mindfulness every waking hour. He rejected the comforts of modern-day life and instead chose to live simply, without a phone or even tea or coffee. He fasted for up to eight days a month and slept on a cold floor, all in pursuit of a deeper understanding of the body, mind, and spirit.


His profound experiences led him to embark on a mission to help others connect with themselves and each other through the practices mindfulness, meditation, yoga, and ancient wisdom. His evidence-based teachings can provide you with a complete picture and resolution to your situation. Whether you’re struggling with professional or self-development, motivation, self-confidence, or relationships, he can provide answers that tie things together harmoniously.


With Sanjay, you’re getting more than just a teacher or speaker. You’re getting someone who has dedicated his life to helping others and has the authentic experience to back it up. Few in the self-development sector can bring the experience, clarity, and dedication that Sanjay can.

Real-Life Experience

  • Charity: helped thousands of needy people and children in rural India.

  • Counseled: mentored more than 60,000 individuals and families in India, UK, USA, Canada, and Africa.

  • Communicated: motivational and inspiring speaker. Received numerous standing and delivered an amazing talk on Work-Life Balance to 600 medical doctors in Chicago.

  • Columnist: read by millions. Writer for the Sunday Times of India. His articles and op-ed pieces were loved by millions! His articles became so popular he was short-listed to write for TIME International Magazine (South Asia edition).

  • Study: Degree in Divinity and Published Thesis on Science and Spirituality. Studied for 5 years at a seminary under the tutelage of university professors and the finest traditional scholars. Curriculum included the technical and academic aspects of Mindfulness, Meditation, Yoga, Sanskrit Language, Theology, Liturgy, Philosophy, Comparative Religion, Science and Spirituality, Psychology, Family and Relationship Dynamics, People Skills, Community Care, Charity, Disaster Relief Programs, De-Addiction Programs, and Mental Wellness Programs.

  • Researcher: post PhD. Globally respected scientific researcher. His Thesis has been published in 3 professional and peer-reviewed scientific publications, and is considered post-PhD. Learn more

  • Author: written 2 remarkable books, The Yoga Miracle and God Is Real.

  • Teacher: Registered Yoga Teacher and Yoga School with Yoga Alliance, USA.

Finest Teachers

Sanjay learned mindfulness from yoga’s greatest: HH. Pramukh Swamiji (BAPS), the Dalai Lama, and Chidananda Swamiji (Divine Life Mission).


Groundbreaking Thesis

Sanjay’s extraordinary thesis has been recognized by the scientific community worldwide.


His enlightening findings were published in three mainstream, international, peer-reviewed science journals, which is considered the gold standard of academic research. It is the only work of its kind to be published in such high ranking journals, which speaks to the rigor of his research.


He makes the case, while providing remarkable literary evidence, that the first discoverers of deep-sea volcanoes and hydrothermal vents were made not by modern scientists in 1977 but perhaps as early as 1500 BC by ancient scholars in India.


His discoveries were presented before scientists at the 22nd International Congress of History of Science in July 2005, where it was warmly received. He has since become a pioneer of rigorously connecting modern science with ancient spirituality.


Additionally, his thought-provoking comparative Hebrew, Christian, Hindu, and Yoga studies have uncovered many definitive connections that transform our understanding of these ancient practices and the intersection of various important beliefs.


His thesis is the culmination of 30 years of meticulous research, consultations with leading scientists, and 10 years of writing. His findings have challenge long-held assumptions and open up new avenues of research into new connections between science and spirituality together with the world’s faiths.





Today, Sanjay is happily married to his soulmate, Prity.